The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE Eighth Moon (Day 9)

After a night of much needed rest our heroes made their way to a cave on the north end of the dwarven capitol. After a little convincing the dwarven guards let them pass. Their journey to the old capitol had begun. Many hours had passed before the group had seen any changes in the tunnel before them. It was slowly getting bigger. After deftly circumventing a few traps they found themselves in a large underground cavern and the way forward collapsed. No bottom of the cave could be seen even with the help of Acer’s light stones. Luckily they found a small ledge to the side and began their climb. A short while later the group came upon a lever based widget with two platforms. Makoa attempted to step on the closest platform and it shot down to the base of the system. After some intense finagling and clever tactics the group used their weight to drive the mechanism forward. After what seemed like forever and a close call or two the group reached another system with only one platform. Also they could see a rock formation further out with a juicy looking treasure chest! Oh Boy! After nearly killing themselves they got close enough to descend to the chest. Alanna and Acer being the lightest of the group ( and with greatest track record in such matters) attended to the treasure. With each attempt to disable the trap the formation began to fall. Luckily the rope they descended upon was attached to the chest, otherwise they’d have a severe case of the dead. After looting the chest the group continued forward acrossed the chasm. Finally reaching the other side a great door appeared before them. Once opened a supernatural fog surrounded the group. Unable to see anything Acer cast a spell to give them some distance between themselves and the fog which revealed a rickety old bridge before them. After some close calls due to over zealous acrobatics. the group reached the other side. Unscathed by creatures that appeared in the fog. They did not attack, which was quite odd to our heroes. The end is in sight! An exit to the cave was found ahead covered in snow. A blizzard raged outside! The group found this to be a good place to rest for the night. Having not slept through the entire ordeal the dwarven cave forced upon them. Strange sounds perturbed our heroes through the night but their rest otherwise went undisturbed. This is where our story continues…


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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