The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE 5th Moon (Day 4)

We rejoin or heroes as the ascend to the top of the druid tower. Face to face with a sleeping rock golem our heroes needed a way around without disturbing it’s slumber. Too bad! They woke it up and it was angry! Luckily the combination of lost druid knowledge and Falgrim’s heritage quieted the beast long enough to slip by. Unfortunately in it’s rage the golem sealed their way out.

With no rest for the weary our adventurers were forced up an endless staircase which increased in temperature like an oven..shrinking… till they could barely move forward. Well, only Makoa had a hard time. Coming upon a pitch black corridor Acer lit a stone with magic to reveal the way which could barely penetrate the dark. Fed up with the delay Makoa ventured into the black. The rest followed shortly.

Once inside the black faded to reveal a library in which seekers (shapeshifters) lie in wait. Combat ensued and the creatures could not be felled by ordinary steel. Magic and Magic infused weapons were to be their undoing. Finding a chest Acer believed it would seal the beasts away but only succeeded in fusing them together to a more powerful form. A giant pitch black dragon… Makoa tried to break the chest to slay the enemy but to no avail. Magic was still the creature’s weakness and fire brought it down. (caused it to explode)

Wounded and weary our heroes climbed the stairs to what would be the final floor of their test. A study filled with alchemist’s materials/ telescopes/ancient books/ and a magic circle carved by druid markings. Once Acer saw the madness through the telescope the runes activated and a shade appeared before them. This shade was Bremen. holding onto the world long enough to give our heroes their charge. Feeling warmth flow from their chests similar to that of their entrance into the tower elemental light flowed through them. ruby fire for Makoa, sapphire blue water for Acer, a gentle emerald breeze for Alanna, and steadfast topaz earth for Falgrim. When the light subsided Bremen was gone.

A giant golden chest reveals itself and inside was a great treasure for each of our heroes. A gold ring with a sapphire stone for Acer, a silver emerald necklace for Alanna, a dwarven mythril gauntlet for Falgrim with a topaz encased on the dorsum, and finally a steel open helmet with a bright red ruby for Makoa.

After some alchemical shenanigans that almost killed Falgrim the party decided to depart the tower and head north to the Fireforge to begin their new task. Unlocking the lost magics of Valorin. Upon exiting the tower our heroes discovered that the Federation seekers were not far behind and fled north out of the forest.


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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