The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE 4th Moon (Day 2 meeting)

We resume with our heroes injured with a gnome raider prisoner deep in the Elven Lowlands. The farming village of Pettel is burning to the south. Our adventurers decide to hold off on the interrogation of the Gnome and go to the aid of the Elves. Upon reaching the outskirts of the village a battle worn elf named Lieutenant Landler warily greeted the group. Upon explaining the situation the group was allowed into the village agreeing to help put out the fires…except for Falgrim. The Elf explicitly forbade him from entering the village, which is just as well for Falgrim had planned on interrogating the prisoner in private….wink wink.

During the process of aiding the elven survivors Alanna, Makoa, and Acer discover that the federation was behind the attack on Pattel/ had stolen an elven artifact of great importance to the elven royal family. (or did they? dum dum dum!!!) They also discovered that the last remnants of the elven army were fighting the federation to the south in Twilight Vale. Meanwhile in a rather unorthodox fashion (eye gouging by bird, gluing fingernails, and other bazaar methods) Falgrim interrogated the prisoner. He discovered that the gnome raiders were hired by a seeker of the federation to capture our heroes. Shortly after discovering this information the gnome bit into a poison pill and kicked the bucket.

After restocking their supplies our heroes decided to head south to Twilight Vale to inform the elven commander that his people’s most valuable treasure has been…misplaced. Our heroes crossed the Ruune River undisturbed but the smell of rotting corpses that rose from the river and the sound of battle was heard coming from the forest surrounding Twilight Vale. Cautiously our heroes made their way into the forest determined to find the elven commander, but instead they were ambushed by the Federation army led by a seemingly crazed man in seeker garb. Due to supernatural or magical causes our party was overcome by sleep and poison.

Waking up in a dungeon our party “escaped?” with the assistance of the seeker’s brother only to be led from corridor to corridor by his voice. Running out of time due to rising water levels in this dungeon of traps and trickery our party discovered they themselves were completely enveloped in an illusion. They stopped playing the voice’s game and awoke to find themselves in the same location where they were ambushed with no sign of the soldiers who attacked them.

Searching around they notice a door in the woods that wasn’t there before. Ace went to check if it was an illusion like everything else but it opened! Through the door was Twilight Vale and the elven army. Walking through the door the group attracted the attention of townspeople and soldier alike. Taken aback by our heroes’ entrance into the village General Rose questioned the group. After earning his trust General Rose revealed that only an elf instructed by the royal family can access the treasury and retrieve the artifact. Curiouser and curiouser. To be continued….


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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