The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE Seventh Moon (Day 8)

We rejoin our heroes in the underground path to Eastwatch. We have a burnt human and a long way to go! The group continued forward till the reached a giant steel doorway. After Allana disabled the traps protecting the Dwarven stronghold the group cautiously moved forward. After narrowly dodging stairwell traps and an empty armory (curious) the adventurers came upon a doorway and the sound of a ferocious battle. Suddenly silence… Creeping through the door into the dwarven barracks a grisly scene lay before them. A dozen dead heavily armed dwarves and a figure covered in their blood. Arth nearly took out their foe silently but there was something supernatural protecting it. A terrible battle took place leaving the group with more questions than answers. Identified as a blood golem the party wondered what it was doing there. Continuing forward the heroes reached the entrance to the forward bulwarks of the dwarven city. Seeing the ferocious battle taking place Falgrim knew they would need protection if they were to reach the dwarven throne room to confront his sister. Sounding the dwarven war horn of his family. A few dwarves recognized the sound and rushed to his aide. Safely escorting the party out of the battle zone and into the keep. Betrayal! The group was surrounded by the dwarven home guard. They did not believe Falgrim was who he said he was. (probably due to the blonde hair) But luckily Falgrims mentor and leader of the remaining dwarven forces recognized him and they embraced. In a warm, totally no homo, man squeeze. After catching up on what had occurred in the dwarven capital the group made it’s way to the royal burial chamber to visit Falgrim’s father and sister. After obtaining some cool stuff from the desecration of their final resting place a secret stairwell was found. A cursed and lonely boy. After many years of lonely forced seclusion in a stick… had finally found friends… until Acer exorcised him and banished him to the nether realms to forever be tortured by the demons of the Forbidding… or maybe we will see him again. Who knows? Finally before heading to the old Dwarven capital our heroes restocked on supplies and gear. Our lovely lynx companion final found some armor. And a whole new adventure lies ahead. What will happen next?


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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