The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE 7th Moon (day 7)

We rejoin our heroes in the crypt of The Orc Chieftains. They have prepared to leave with Makoa’s father on a makeshift stretcher when they came upon a door they had not opened. Whether it was curiosity or greed or both the drove them forward we don’t know. but through the door they went. After barely solving a jar puzzle with their life they came upon an elevator that led in a blackness below. After much debate Alanna and Acer were the ones to explore below. A dark pit of dead orc bodies. Fresh. Curious. A crypt puzzle solved. A new friend suspiciously talking to no one. A dead seeker?What treasures does the bag hold? It’ll have to wait because holy crap there are a lot of undead orcs surrounding everyone. After spending quite a bit of time trying to determine if Makoa could control the undead or not (still up for debate) The party made their way back to the Fireforge! The visited Makoa’s mentor. A shaman that had lost his marbles. He vowed to help Makoa’s father recover and slipped a drawing into Makoa’s pocket. What was it? The artistic styles of a three year old! Or a young Jackson Pollock! Who knows! The party began to head north to the Great Dwarven City of Eastwatch, but was forced to retire early due to inclement weather. Arth sneaks off to talk with a friend? Question mark? He barely gets away with it! Morning comes and low and behold Eastwatch has come under siege by the Human army! They must circumvent the army and use a secret passage only known by the Royal Family…and the enemy! After a battle that will leave Arth with trust issues forever we continue!


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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