The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE 6th Moon (Day 6)

After resting and restocking supplies at the Orc fortress our heroes made their way into a deadly and unnatural swampland that stood between them and the tomb of Orc chieftains. As they pressed forward it became quite clear that they were being watched. Deep in the fog figures danced around them. A quick glance here and there was all our heroes got of these mysterious figures. It didn’t help that the rot of the swamp was hard to bear. After many hours trudging through the muck our heroes found a large tomb with orc inscriptions. Makao and Acer walked out of the swamp to get a closer look only to fall through a trap door down over a hundred feet into a dark pool of swamp water. While in the process of trying to save their companions the rest of the party was ambushed by more of the men neither alive or dead. Now separated from their companions Makoa and Acer explored the crypt that they found themselves in. They came upon an alter surrounded by trip wires. After easing around the wires Makoa Placed a skull on top as an offering. This action had the unfortunate side effect of summoning a dead orc chieftain. After the deadly encounter Makoa claimed the chief’s pretty axe. On the upside Arth was doing a great job of being a punching bag while Falgrim and Alanna sniped their attackers from atop the orc tomb. Upon defeating their foes Alanna found a creepy looking voodoo doll and Arth found an amulet. Falgrim sniffed it out and tried to solve the amulet’s puzzle. This resulted in him being branded by a magic seal and having a vision in which he was attacked by a man with red eyes. (Totally possessed for life dude) After disabling the tomb’s traps by…unconventional means (by throwing corpses in tripwires) The party descended into the tomb. They Then found a door separating them from Mokoa and Acer. With the group now together again they prepared to continue their descent into the tomb. Acer examined the voodoo doll and it sprang to life! It jumped out of her hand and fled under the door heading deeper into the tomb. The crew quickly followed solving a puzzle so simple only an orc could devise it and gaining new tools and weapons to prepare for what lie ahead. In the central chamber they found Makoa’s father holding the doll in his hands. After some vulgar gestures from the doll combat began. The doll put up a worthy defense summoning axes and barriers to defend itself, but the rage of Mokoa proved too much for it and it was decimated. We leave our heroes having rescued Mokoa’s father and him receiving the blessing of fire.


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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