The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE 6th Moon (Day 5)

As our heroes fled north the came upon the entrance to the mountains that lead to the Fireforge. ( The Orc homeland) They entered the mountains with Makoa in the lead. Confident he could lead his companions to his home. After many hours of wandering the fog filled maze they came upon a wondering bard. Being wary of humans the were not quick to trust this drunken fool. But after some charismatic humor and puking on Falgrim’s shoes they decided to let the man join them till they reached the Fireforge. As the companions continued surprisingly the fog faded away…This revealed creatures neither living nor dead that quickly attacked our heroes. Our heroes dispatched of these creatures easily and with the aid of their new companion. They were disturbed by what they saw and confused. When our heroes finally made it to the Fireforge they were taken aback by it’s enormous size and prowess. Unfortunately their awe was short-lived for Alanna fell ill to the ground. Luckily a passing orc took her to a shaman for healing. Afterwards our heroes found an inn to rest for the night. The following day they headed east to find Makoa’s teacher. Quickly they found that all was not right with the Firefordge. As the buildings became more dilapidated and the people more sickly they knew something was wrong. With the shaman gone and Mokoa’s father missing the heroes did not know where to go. When they came upon a blacksmith… that after some proper coaxing game them the information they needed, but not necessarily what they wanted to hear. "Mokoa’s father had led the attack by the creatures neither dead nor alive that destroyed 1/3rd of the orc homeland. They continued east to a newly created bulwark defense where the commander told them of a Tomb of the hero Rognack where these fiends seem to be pouring out of….


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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