The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE 5th Moon ( Day 3)

After a pleasant conversation with the elven commander our heroes decided to rest up in the village. After a good nights rest the inquire to see if there is anything they can do to help in the fight against the federation, but Commander Rose quickly denies their help. The heroes then decided to continue on their journey to the Upper Marche to find Bremen. As they were leaving a young elf boy gave the group horses expedite their travel.

As the group made their way east they continued to have the feeling as if someone was following them. It didn’t make them feel any better that with each passing hour they were getting closer and closer to the stronghold of their enemy. (The Federation outpost) That combined with Falgrim’s mental state continuing to diminish (aka horrific bird/ animal calls) our heroes were on edge.

About a mile out from the outpost our heroes sent animals to scout ahead for danger. Surprisingly it appeared as if the entire area was abandoned. Fearing a trap our heroes decided to give the outpost a wide berth to the south and then continue on their way east to the Upper Marche.

Our party reached the Upper Marche without incident and noticed very strange happenings in the woods. What began as a very beautiful forest began to whither and die as the heroes went deeper into the forest. Noticing something was wrong in the air our heroes prepared for combat. Two assailants appeared in the trees above them bearing a falcon insignia on their arms. (the mark of the seeker) These men were well trained and combat was fierce, but finally our heroes succeeded in dropping one while the other vanished into thin air.

Our heroes cautiously moved forward noticing changes in the woods. trees warped sideways. Air was bending around them. Then finally when they thought they would be sick from the distortion the group came into a clearing with a large obsidian black tower in the center. When our heroes approached the tower great orbs of colored light flew forth from them and shattered the tower’s protective warding.

Once inside the tower our heroes faced many trials… electrifying books, trip wires, poison arrows, trapped chests, R.O.U.S., falling rocks, and trap doors. Most of which ended with Falrgrim getting hurt. Now our heroes stand on the 5th floor of this terrible tower facing a giant sleeping stone golem. What will happen next I wonder?


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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