The Mountain of Once Men

220 ADE 4th Moon (Day One Summary)

After months of horrific dreams plaguing their sleep our heroes made their way to Tyrsis. Some to discover whether there is truth in them, and some just to stop the visions of madness.

Upon their arrival at the “Flying Donfish” tavern and after a not so friendly encounter with some locals… our heroes discovered that it is quite possibly the last Druid Bremen who has been sending them these dreams. With only his last known location as a guide our ragtag group of heroes left the tavern behind. (quite quickly I might add) But then again if I had killed thugs in the middle of the street in plain sight and angered a Federation officer I would leave rather quickly too.

Nursing injuries and low on supplies our heroes took a slight detour north to the Gnome Camp to resupply before their long journey to the Upper Marche. During this detour our Heroes learned the value of water and that a half-orc can’t fit into any Gnome buildings. Sad face.

Our heroes decided that the short route to their destination, laden with dangerous swamps, a federation controled dwarf capitol, and the Kree was not the smartest route and elected to circumvent Lake Pyra to the west and south to reach their destination.

Well things are never quite as easy as you plan… on their quiet trek through the Elven lowlands our heroes engaged in battle with a group of gnome raiders after their lives. Bloodied and exhausted our heroes prevailed and have a unconscious gnome to interrogate…. to be continued( two words… “water boarding”)


nathan_mireles nathan_mireles

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